Things We Lost in the Fire

Mariana Enriquez

Published: 4 October 2018
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 208 pages
ISBN: 9781846276361

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Trade Paperback

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Published: 6 April 2017
Trade Paperback, Demy PB
135x216mm, 208 pages
ISBN: 9781846276347

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Thrilling and terrifying, Things We Lost in the Fire takes the reader into a world of Argentine Gothic. A world of sharp-toothed children and young girls racked by desire, where demons lurk beneath the river and stolen skulls litter the pavements. A world where the secrets half-buried under Argentina's terrible dictatorship rise up to haunt the present day, and where women, exhausted by a plague of violence, find that their only path out lies in the flames...

About the author


Things We Lost in the Fire [...] captures the spirit of the author's home country... A detailed cultural portrait and a blend of realistic fiction and fantasy, the stories feature spirits and murders, marriages happy and sad, friendships and heartaches, all against the backdrop of past and present Argentina... The author picks apart the intricacies of human relationships and lays them out on the page in a manner that is simple, but delicate... The collection is a meditation on the power of people; not only does Enriquez ask how childhood, teenage, and adult friendships work, but why they all matter... A thorough exploration of the human condition, Things We Lost in the Fire is eerie and unsettling, but strangely comfortable at the same time... This brave collection will not get lost in the fire. It will rise far above the flames’ Alice Kouzmenko



[Full of] claustrophobic terror... stylish and compellingLuke Brown

Beautiful but savage... [Enriquez] gives the best horror stories a run for their money... This is the best short story collection I have read this yearLucy Scholes

Enríquez is a mesmerizing writer who demands to be read... her fiction hits with the force of a freight trainDave Eggers, author

Exquisite... unsettling and haunting... engaging and compelling

Fiction doesn't get much better than thisJohn Ajvide Lindqvist, author

Propulsive and mesmerising... I will be haunted for some time by this book

Slim but phenomenal... The spookiness of these 12 stories sets into the reader's mind like a jet stone, sparkling through all that darkness’

Teeming with death, sex and the macabre, this short-story collection by one of Argentina's rising literary talents might best be described as Buenos Aires gothic’ Best Summer Books

The only book that's ever left me afraid to turn out the lights... mercilessly incisive and deeply creepy ‘Books of the Year’ selected by Lisa McInerney

The only book that's ever left me afraid to turn out the lights... mercilessly incisive and deeply creepy

‘An utterly brilliant measure of deep existential terror ... you [will] return home looking pale and haunted ‘Best Summer Books’ selected by Mark O’Connell

‘An utterly brilliant measure of deep existential terror ... you [will] return home looking pale and hauntedBest Summer Reads

‘Enriquez scratches satisfyingly at Argentina's underbelly’

‘Enriquez's stories are not only supremely important, but addictive and joyfully grotesque... Born from the scars of a nation, they will leave a lasting mark on youAlan Bett


‘It seems wrong, somehow to call this grouping of Mariana Enríquez's stories a collection. There is nothing collected about these stories. These stories unsettle; they disturb; they disquiet. Read them!’ Kelly Link, author

‘Many of us have long looked up to Mariana Enríquez, one of the great talents of the new literature from Argentina. Possibly the most intimate one. Her writing is a prodigious blend which reimagines certain traditions under that dreadful clarity we identify as an author's voice. Sharp and intricate, her genre awareness is deserving of nothing but my admiration. Sharing her work is great cause for celebration’ Andrés Neuman

‘These spookily clear-eyed, elementally intense stories are the business. I find myself no more able to defend myself from their advances than Enríquez's funny, brutal, bruised characters are able to defend themselves from life as it's lived’ Helen Oyeyemi, author

‘When I read Mariana Enríquez's stories, I forget where I am. I miss my subway stop. I hold my breath. Her fiction is that pulse-racingly superb, that electric and original. Mariana Enríquez is an essential voice in contemporary fiction, and The Things We Lost in the Fire will be a sensation’ Laura van den Berg, author

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