The Visible World

Mark Slouka

Published: 1 January 2008
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 256 pages
ISBN: 9781846270864


'My mother knew a man during the war. Theirs was a love story, and like any good love story, it left blood on the floor and wreckage in its wake.' As a boy growing up in New York, the narrator's parents' memories of their Czech homeland seem to belong to another world, as distant and unreal as the fairy tales his father tells him. It is only as an adult, when he makes his own journey to Prague, that he is finally able to piece together the truth of his parents' past: what they did, whom his mother loved, and why they were never able to forget.

About the author

Image of Mark Slouka

Mark Slouka's short fiction has featured in Best American Short Stories and has been awarded a National Magazine Award for Fiction. He is a Contributing Editor at Harper's, and the author of The Woodcarver's Tale and God's Fool (Knopf and Picador). He is Professor of English Literature at the University of Chicago. More about the author


‘Exquisitely written ... Slouka's rapturous intensity more than justifies comparisons with Ondaatje and Berger’ Boyd Tonkin



‘Slouka's novel's power lives in the imaginative effort to portray loss that is inherited and endured as an echo’ Richard Ford

‘Slouka's prose is always exquisite’

‘The novel skilfully conveys the irony of wartime love stories, then ends with plot twists that wring out pure romance, in the style of Milan Kundera and Michael Ondaatje’

‘This is lush, luminous fiction’ Oprah Winfrey

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