The Billy Palmer Chronicles

Derek Johns

Published: 3 February 2011
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 544 pages
ISBN: 9781846272141


Billy Palmer grew up in a sleepy rural village, but his dreams were always for something else, something beyond the world he knew. As a child, this desire for the unexplored got him into trouble, as a teenager it drove him to adventure, and as an adult it propels him across the Atlantic to the dazzling lights of Manhattan, where the excitement he's craved seems finally to come within his grasp, but at what price? Engaging, evocative and flawlessly paced, The Billy Palmer Chronicles is a pitch-perfect tale of one man's search for the life he's imagined.

About the author

Image of Derek Johns

Derek Johns has been a bookseller, editor and publisher and now works as a literary agent in London. More about the author


‘A naturally occurring classic, a shepherd's calendar for the age’ Sebastian Barry



‘Derek Johns has yet to achieve the readership his novels deserve. His writing is almost too good: simple, economical, unvarnished, devoid of ostentation. If there is art involved, it is the most elusive art of all - the art that conceals art. But this bumper saga, incorporating Wintering, Wakening and two fresh instalments in the life of Billy Palmer, should raise his profile. It is the kind of book that will appeal to people who love books’ David Robson

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