The Baby Of Belleville

Anne Marsella

Published: 7 July 2011
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 400 pages
ISBN: 9781846272240


Every new mother has a story to tell - and this is Jane de la Rochefoucault's. It's a story that contains all the familiar yet magical landmarks of feeding, teething, toddling, and measuring stuff in and out of Tupperware. But, as an expat living in Paris, Jane also faces some challenges they never mention in the handbooks. Such as, how to juggle a new baby with the demands of an aristocratic husband, a competitive nursing circle, an artisan plumber, and a formidably French (and possibly law-breaking) mother-in-law... Swiftly plotted, linguistically playful and sparkling with wit, The Baby of Belleville will draw you into its unique imaginative universe and make you reluctant to leave.

About the author

Image of Anne Marsella

Originally from California's San Joaquin Valley, Anne Marsella now lives in Paris with her husband, a jazz musician, and their son.Her previous books are an acclaimed collection of stories, The Lost and Found and Other Stories (NYU Press), Patsy Boone (Editions de la Difference) and Remedy (Portobello, 2007). More about the author


‘A quietly subversive novel that resists easy categorisation... Marsella is at her best when she writes about its joys and discomforts of new motherhood. With the faint detachment of a foreigner living in a strange place, she offers the reader a sidelong glimpse of Paris and its idiosyncrasies that makes this strange, sweet book rather a find.’ Tina Jackson



‘An imaginative, fast-paced flight of fancy... a quirky and entertaining journey through the streets of Paris.’

‘The book centres on the trials and pleasures of motherhood ...with its alliterative puns [and] neatly turned witticisms.’ David Evans

‘The tone is delightfully sour at times, as we follow Jane through the trials of bringing up baby in Paris... Fun and witty.’

‘This comic novel is an imaginative tale of motherhood.’

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