No More Silly Love Songs

A Realist's Guide To Romance

Anouchka Grose

Published: 6 January 2011
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 304 pages
ISBN: 9781846271885


Falling in love is a complicated, messy, mad endeavour - and staying in love is even worse. All too often our hopes end in heartbreak and our dreams in tatters, but there is a rational alternative to romantic despair. Drawing on her own experience as a psychoanalyst, and the combined wisdom of philosophers, poets, scientists and singers, Anouchka Grose offers some serious solutions to the conundrums of love.

About the author

Image of Anouchka Grose

Anouchka Grose is the author of two novels, Darling Daisy and Ringing for You (both published by Flamingo) and is a trained psychoanalyst and self-confessed realistic-romantic. This is her first work of adult non-fiction. More about the author


‘A clear-eyed look at love in all its many aspects, from the mystical to the practical. By turns chatty, erudite and very funny, it's a stimulating, accessible meditation on the oldest subject of all’



‘A hugely entertaining account that aims to make you think differently about the machinations of love’

‘Grose is deliberately anecdotal and light-hearted, [with] examples from Sex and the City and Lily Allen as well as the consulting room’

‘Grose's analysis comes with a satisfyingly cynical edge informed by her own unlucky-in-love experiences and the hopelessness of her analytical case studies. She's something of a humorist, too, and delivers some effortlessly engaging prose ... Refreshing’

‘Having considered everything from swinging to Schopenhauer, Grose helpfully concludes that, while we'll always look for guidance on the art of love, we must ultimately muddle through on our own.’ Stephanie Cross

‘Mixing philosophy, anthropology and neurobiology with popular culture (citations range from Freud to Lily Allen and the Sugababes), it is frank and often funny’

‘The wittiest and wisest book about love of recent years’ Rowan Pelling

‘With candour and laugh out loud humour, Anouchka Grose draws upon philosophy, novels, films and politics to unravel romantic issues ... The result is an enormously enjoyable read, with practical yet piquant solutions.’ Beatrice Hodgkin

‘Wry, witty and enlightening, Anouchka Grose's book will both delight and instruct’ Darian Leader, author of WHY DO WOMEN WRITE MORE LETTERS THAN THEY POST?

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