Nimrod's Shadow

Chris Paling

Published: 7 April 2011
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 352 pages
ISBN: 9781846272349


Reilly is an impoverished painter who lives alone in a shabby garret, with only his unsold canvases and his faithful dog Nimrod for company. He seems destined to remain in artistic obscurity until the most influential art critic of the time begins to notice his talent. But no sooner has he found a patron than the critic is found drowned in a local canal and the trail leads directly back to Reilly. From Reilly's prison cell in Edwardian London to an exclusive gallery in contemporary Soho, the clues that lead to the real murderer lie carefully hidden, until the day when Samantha, a young office assistant, finds herself drawn to one of Reilly's pictures and decides to embark on her own investigation ... Steeped in atmosphere and laced with intrigue, Nimrod's Shadow is a gripping tale of genius, jealousy and revenge - with a few twists and turns along the way.

About the author

Image of Chris Paling

Chris Paling is the author of eight previous novels including Deserters, The Silent Sentry and The Repentant Morning (all published by Cape/Vintage) and most recently Minding (Portobello 2007). He lives in Brighton and is the producer for BBC Radio 4's 'Midweek'. More about the author


Nimrod's Shadow reads like a good thriller that leaps across time periods as the investigations into the crime, then and now, gain pace ... A quirky, but considered, delight’



‘A comic study in human resilience, Chris Paling's satisfying yarn ... is a novel of ideas that considers both the way that an artist's creations can reach down through the years and the role that the viewer plays in interpreting any work of art’ Adrian Turpin

‘An excellent novel’

‘Filled with surprising resuscitations, moments when history is brought roaring (or yapping) back to life ... Paling plaits two separate stories with ingenuity and skill ... The writing is full of arresting turns of phrase and the author excels at depicting the city in different phases of its history’

‘The great Victorian novelist Wilkie Collins had a gift for creating vulnerable heroines trapped in dark, occasionally nightmarish plots. His spirit lives on in this excellent novel ... An excitingly plotted adult novel that is neither a detective nor a spy story is as unfashionable today as it is welcome’

‘The story pulls us along with more than enough verve ... and dog lovers will delight in Nimrod, Reilly's Jack Russell and a pivotal character in his own right.’ Ben Felsenburg

‘Tightly wound, often nail-biting ... the narrative shuffles a dizzying variety of moods before coming to a masterfully unexpected climax and conclusion. Bravura stuff’ Liz Jensen

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