Kick The Animal Out

Véronique Ovaldé

Published: 6 July 2009
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 208 pages
ISBN: 9781846271427

Translated by Adriana Hunter


Fifteen-year-old Rose is trying to make sense of her world. Her mother - a beautiful woman with stiletto heels, bright clothes and the synthetic gleam of a blonde wig - has vanished, and Rose is convinced that she must be in danger. Unable to cope with the possibility of having been abandoned, Rose uses her vivid imagination to construct her own explanation for her mother's disappearance. Her father suspiciously carries on with his life and seems to be in no hurry to contact the police. Coupled with Rose's newfound knowledge that her father is not actually the ringleader of a circus, she begins to doubt that he is even her real father. As Rose pieces together snippets of remembered conversations and the half-truths she is fed by adults, her own story about her mother's whereabouts grows ever more romantic, and ends up being just as difficult to accept as the truth.

About the author

Image of Véronique Ovaldé

Veronique Ovalde was born in 1972 and is the author of several novels including, in English, Kick the Animal Out and And My See-Through Heart. She has two children, works in publishing, and lives and writes in Paris. More about the author


‘An astonishing book that captures what is transient in life, what is permanent, and the bittersweet zone in between’ Siddhartha Deb



‘Very funny and very sad, refined and stark, highly idiosyncratic, and yet, finally, universal’ Siri Hustvedt

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