Circus Bulgaria

Deyan Enev

Published: 5 August 2010
Trade Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 272 pages
ISBN: 9781846272400

Translated by Kapka Kassabova


A boxer-turned-hitman faces an impossible mission to kill his brother; an old lady sets up a gang of her own teenage vigilantes after being mugged; a retired geography teacher dreams of places he's never been; a clown on the make talks an impoverished lion tamer into selling his lion to gangsters; and a fading beauty is courted by a suitor with suspiciously scaly hands... Drawing on the monsters and myths of Balkan folklore, the brutal reality of the Communist regime and the dazzling magic of Enev's own imagination, these stories have a surreal and almost hypnotic quality. Absurd, both painfully funny and deeply sad, Circus Bulgaria reaches straight into the cracked heart of Eastern Europe.

About the author

Image of Deyan Enev

Born in Bulgaria in 1960, Deyan Enev is a journalist and a short-story writer. His writing has been translated into German, Norwegian and Dutch. More about the author


Circus Bulgaria is rich and odd and unsettling but ultimately humane. I love it!’ Gina Ochsner



‘An important and also an exciting work. Sometimes searing, sometimes funny, often both, it opens a window onto one of Europe's most interesting literary landscapes. Kassabova's translation is superbly natural. This book is a rare achievement on every level’ Elizabeth Kostova

‘Enev's prose poems of survival are powerful songs from the streets - like Balkan blues, they are deeply touching and heartbreaking’

‘The stories in Circus Bulgaria bristle with life's illogic. Wild, lawless and sad-funny, they provide a continuous discourse on the amorality and unknowability of life ... Anyone who has travelled in Central Europe and the former Soviet Union in the past twenty years will recognize the extremity, surrealism and unpredictability that these stories describe ... Enev is an exhilarating and unusual storyteller’ Julian Evans

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