Bite: A Vampire Handbook

Kevin Jackson

Published: 7 October 2010
Paperback, B Format
129x198mm, 160 pages
ISBN: 9781846272127


Arm yourself with garlic, stake and crucifix, for the vampires are back in force - at the top of the best-seller lists, on your TV, on the web and lurking in darkened cinemas. But where did they come from?Why have they come back now? And how can you tell if you are one? Beginning with the first sightings of bats and blood-sucking in the Romantic period, Bite follows the undead's progress through the ages, right up to the present. Alongside mini-essays, anecdotes, facts and figures, each section will be punctuated with lists, such as the best places around the world for vamp tourism; rock songs with vampire allusions; box-office revenue for vamp movies; the Top 10 Vampire clubs, video-games, vampire brides, as well as reliable and unreliable methods of killing a vampire ...

About the author

Image of Kevin Jackson

Kevin Jackson's childhood ambition was to be a vampire but instead he became the last living polymath. His colossal expertise ranges from Seneca to Sugababes, with a special interest in the occult, Ruskin, take-away food, Dante's Inferno and the moose. He is the author of numerous books on numerous subjects, including Fast: Feasting on the Streets of London (Portobello 2006), and reviews regularly for the Sunday Times. More about the author


‘A most timely anthology on the lore and the gore of the undead’ Caroline Sanderson



‘A witty whirlwind tour of blood-sucking monsters from the Assyrian utukku to Edward Cullen ... Ideal for any teenage Twilight fan - if only to convince them that they should be watching Buffy instead’ Josh Lacey

‘Down the ages, there have been more iconic vampire figures than you could shake a blooded stake at, and Jackson features them all’ Brian Donaldson

‘Expert, witty and far reaching, looking worldwide and all the way back to antiquity to find archetypal bloodsuckers ... one of the revealed marvels is how the character of the vampire killer has itself had been reborn and reinterpreted time and again’ Jay Rath

‘For anyone who feels under-briefed on these sanguinary doings, Bite is a jolly vade mecum. We learn that the template for the charismatic count was not so much Vlad the Impaler but Lord Byron as used by JW Polidori in The Vampyre. Successors in the fang club range from Kipling to Coppola. This tasty little book might make suckers of us all.’ Christopher Hirst

‘His potted history of the fanged ones through the ages is fun, and has considerably more substance than a Robert Pattinson calendar’ Emma Giacon, Bookseller's Choice

‘Jackson's witty and honest prose and love for the genre are evident, and props must be given to how encompassing it is ... Bite is a fun and informative read and worth sinking one's fangs into’ Brad Abraham

‘Kevin Jackson has put his obsessions to extremely good use. Bite is snappily written, erudite and extremely good fun to read’ John Preston

‘With True Blood and New Moon fever gripping our screens, this thorough yet fun compendium of all things blood-sucking is a perfectly timed read for Twi-hards and vampire virgins alike. Jackson's guide leaves no crypt uncovered: from Orlok to Cullen, they're all here’ Will Thomas

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