A fully up to date listing of where you can meet Portobello Books authors in the coming months.


09/08/2015, 4.15pm
Who Made Jihadi John?: Yasmin Alibhai Brown at Wilderness Festival
An eclectic panel unpacks and debates the causes, symptoms and possible solutions to the problem of radicalisation. Is it as big a problem as we've been led to believe? Are the root causes social, religious, economic, or another case of a few bad apples? Chaired by BAFTA-winning satirist Heydon Prowse and featuring: Maajid Nawaz (former radical islamist, counter-extremism consultant, writer & campaigner) Andrew Gilligan (Telegraph London editor) Yasmin Alibhai-Brown (Ugandan-Asian immigrant and one of England's most outspoken and insightful journalists) Zoe Williams (Author and Guardian columnist)
Wilderness Festival, Wilderness Festival, Cornbury Park, Charlsbury, Oxfordshire, OX7 3DG

25/08/2015, 2.15pm
Britain's Immigrant Stories: Yasmin Alibhai-Brown & Bidisha at Edinburgh International Book Festival
What does national identity mean in an era of multiracial culture? Yasmin Alibhai-Brown is one of Britain's most important commentators on multiculturalism: in Exotic England she describes 'a curious nation' that has developed thanks to its long history of immigration. Bidisha is a writer and human rights journalist whose book Asylum and Exile depicts the bravery of people who have left everything behind to seek sanctuary on this island.
Edinburgh International Book Festival, Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh, EH2 4DR

29/08/2015, 5pm
Honourable Friends?: Caroline Lucas at Edinburgh International Book Festival
This book won't make Caroline Lucas very popular with the Westminster establishment. In Honourable Friends? the first UK Green MP reveals the secret workings of parliamentary life and suggests that we could be governed so much better. As a lone voice at her workplace, Lucas is the ideal outsider - ideally positioned to bring fresh ideas to the creaking Westminster system.
Edinburgh International Book Festival, Charlotte Square Gardens, Edinburgh, EH2 4DR

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