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30/08/2015, 8:45 - 9:45
Why I Call Myself a Feminist: A Rally, A Rant, A Story, A Song, A Protest, A Poem; Caroline Criado-P
Join us as women - and men - take to the mike for five minutes each to tell us why they call themselves feminists. Authors Val McDermid, Christopher Brookmyre, Elif Shafak and Andrew O'Hagan; activists Emma Laurie and Caroline Criado-Perez; stand-up comic Nish Kumar; playwrights Sabrina Mahfouz and Jo Clifford; and poets Robin Robertson and Natasha Kanapé Fontaine make a stand.
Edinburgh International Book Festival

31/08/2015, 5:00 - 6:00
Caroline Criado-Perez: In praise of pioneering women
Winner of the Liberty Human Rights Campaigner of the Year award, Caroline Criado-Perez is well known as a champion of international feminism. In Do It Like a Woman she celebrates the heroic acts of women across the world, from the first woman to cross the Antarctic alone, to the members of Russian band Pussy Riot who dared to stand up to Putin. Today she presents her necessary manifesto for women everywhere.
Edinburgh International Book Festival

31/08/2015, 2pm
Katrine Marcal and Darryl Cunningham at Edinburgh International Book Festival: Who Hijacked the Glob
Meet two writers who take hedge funds, credit default swaps and modern day finance-speak, and tear up the rule book. Darryl Cunningham's Supercrash is one of the best graphic novels of the year, dealing with complex ideas with remarkable clarity. Katrine Marçal's Who Cooked Adam Smith's Dinner looks at economics from a feminist perspective, skewering Smith's notion of 'economic man'.
Edinburgh International Book Festival

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