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21/05/2016, 12:30
Life in the World's Largest Refugee Camp with Ben Rawlence
As part of our City of Literature Weekend Ben Rawlence discusses his new book City of Thorns. With 350,000 inhabitants, Dadaab Refugee Camp is the largest in the world. To charity workers it is a humanitarian crisis; to the Kenyan government it is a 'nursery for terrorists', to the western media, it is a no-go area; but for residents, it is their last resort. Ben Rawlence spent over four years getting to know this extraordinary place. Reading from City of Thorns he offers unique insight into the lives of nine Dadaab residents, and starts a discussion on the current migration crisis. 'Next time someone refers derisively to a 'bunch of migrants,' get them to read this book' Sunday Times '[An] ambitious, morally urgent new book' New York Times
Norfolk, UK, 115-123 King Street, Norwich, NR1 1QE

28/05/2016, 12:00 - 13:00
Charlotte McDonald-Gibson at Greenwich Literary Festival
Charlotte McDonald-Gibson, a foreign correspondent for Time Magazine, discusses her book on European migration. Cast Away: Stories of Survival from the World's Deadliest Voyage is the story of the European migration crisis in the Mediterranean through the stories of 15 people caught up in the turmoil.
Greenwich, London, Ground floor lecture theatre, National Maritime Museum, Park Row, Greenwich, London, SE10 9NF

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