About Portobello Books

Portobello Books is one of Britain’s younger independent publishing imprints, but since its launch in 2005, we have won a strong reputation for quality, integrity, originality and individuality in our publishing.  We publish about ten new books each year, with a particular focus on issue-driven non-fiction that ranges from investigative journalism, reportage, politics and narrative history, to travel writing and memoir.  The other key strand of our list is fiction in translation, and Portobello is home to some of the most celebrated writers from around the world. 

The company was founded in 2005 by the philanthropist Sigrid Rausing, the Academy Award-winning film producer Eric Abraham and the publisher Philip Gwyn Jones. Its first books, published that autumn, were a mixture of urgent non-fiction on global subjects, and innovative fiction. In 2006, Sigrid Rausing acquired Granta magazine and Granta Books, and now she is the publisher across all three imprints. Granta Books and Portobello Books share design, sales, marketing, publicity, rights and production departments.  We are also part of the Independent Alliance.  In 2009, Portobello Books was short-listed for the Independent Publisher of the Year Award, and since then our publishing has gone from strength to strength.  

Today we are home to writers from six continents (our search in Antarctica continues), our authors have received some of the highest literary accolades (including the Man Booker International, the Independent Foreign Fiction Prize, the Nobel Prize), and our books have appeared on best-seller lists around the world and achieve an enviable level of press coverage and cultural resonance.  

Although the shape of the list has evolved over the years, we remain true to our founding principles: to bring our readers books that are enlightening, searching, and entertaining, and to offer our authors the support of a team who is passionate about their writing and committed to publishing it with creativity and impact.

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